Interesting new study. “The Reason Antarctica Is Melting: Shifting Winds, Driven by Global Warming.” @sciam #climate #antarctica

In recent years, these icy rivers have been flowing and melting at an alarming rate, threatening to add a substantial amount of water to the sea that would eat away at global coastlines.

Exceptionally unusual for this far north! “Lightning struck near the North Pole, as rapid Arctic warming continues.” via @capitalweather #climate #arctic

Lightning strikes detected within 200 to 300 miles of the North Pole constitute a rare, though probably not unprecedented, event.

The Heat Index: What Your Body Thinks The Temperature Is On Warm & Hot Days. #heat #heatwave #heatindex #summersafety #heatsafety

This chart shows you the Heat Index…which is the temperature your body is reacting to regardless of the actual air temperature. Obviously the drier the air, the easier it is on your body to handle the heat. Depending on your physical condition & level of hydration, the indices in the white range can be tolerated well if you pace yourself. The beige, yellow, orange, and red indices are where even the most physically fit and well hydrated people can get into trouble very, very fast. If you’re in doubt, pace yourself, stay very well hydrated, and don’t forget the sunscreen. Those UV rays will wreck havoc on your skin.