“They Survived #Dorian but Wonder How Many More Hurricanes They Can Withstand.” #ncwx #hurricane #flooding

Most residents in eastern North Carolina, where people rattle off the names of storms like old enemies, were spared the worst from Dorian. But they haven’t all recovered from last year’s flooding. www.nytimes.com/2019/09/06/us/dorian-north-carolina-hurricane-victims.html

Our existence is going to be more fleeting than we’d care to admit. “Opinion: Earth Has Survived Extinctions Before, It’s Humans Who Are Fragile.” via @nprscottsimon & @NPR #environment #climate

Opinion: Earth Has Survived Extinctions Before, It’s Humans Who Are Fragile: www.npr.org/2019/09/07/758448991/opinion-earth-has-survived-extinctions-before-its-humans-who-are-fragile

Years of recovery ahead. “’What death smells like’: #Dorian’s toll expected to soar in #Bahamas.” @Reuters #hurricanedorian

The smell of death hangs over parts of Great Abaco Island in the northern Bahamas, where relief workers on Friday sifted through the debris of shattered homes and buildings in a search expected to dramatically drive up the death toll from Hurricane Dorian. www.reuters.com/article/us-storm-dorian/what-death-smells-like-dorians-toll-expected-to-soar-in-bahamas-idUSKCN1VR1XE

If you thought nuking a hurricane was bizarre, check out some other ideas that are (almost) laughable. “Beyond Trump’s nuclear bomb idea: how scientists dream of killing hurricanes.” @NatGeo #hurricane #weirdscience

There are even stranger ideas for how to take down a tropical cyclone than bombing it with a nuclear warhead, as President Trump suggested. www.nationalgeographic.com/environment/2019/08/beyond-nukes-how-scientists-dream-of-killing-hurricanes/