The official start of the Atlantic hurricane season began June 1, 2021. As is the case with most years, the late summer and autumn months comes the peak of activity. This is a list of tropical cyclone safety and preparedness links that I hope you’ll find helpful and spearhead your preparedness plan. None of the links on this page should be used for life-&-death decisions or the protection of property!


National Weather Service Homepage

National Weather Service Weather Prediction Center

NOAA Climate Prediction Center

Storm Prediction Center

National Hurricane Center

Central Pacific Hurricane Center

Tropical Atlantic

National Data Buoy Center

NCAR Tropical Cyclone Guidance Project


Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale

American Red Cross Severe Weather Safety Information

Flash Flooding: Turn Around, Don’t Drown

NOAA Hurricane Preparedness

American Red Cross

American Red Cross Hurricane Safety Checklist (PDF file)

CDC Hurricane Preparedness

Extensive FEMA Emergency Preparedness Document (34 Page PDF File)

NOAA Weather Radio

Interactive NOAA Weather Radio Coverage Map Basic Disaster Supply Kit Info

Preparing Your Pets For Disasters And Emergencies

The following infographics cover many important topics including emergency preparedness, flood safety, and tornado sheltering information which is also applicable to structures that are subject to tropical cyclone winds. Tornadoes are also common in land-falling tropical storms and hurricanes. Residents in those areas should be ready to take shelter if a tornado warning is issued. Other infographics deal with misinformation that you may encounter in social media. If in doubt, always stay with OFFICIAL sources of important information, forecasts, and warnings.

Infographic courtesy American Red Cross
Graphic courtesy NOAA
Infographic courtesy NOAA
Infographic courtesy NOAA

Please keep in mind that ONLY NOAA weather radio, your local National Weather Service office, or reliable broadcast media are the BEST sources of important, timely, and potentially life-saving information on hurricane/tropical storm watches, warnings, and other related warnings! None of the links on this page should be used for life-&-death decisions or the protection of property!

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