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Hurricane Iota at category 5 intensity on 16 November 2020

This year has seen an unprecedented degree of tropical cyclone activity in the Atlantic basin. Hurricane Iota, which may well be the last storm of the Atlantic season, was the most powerful reaching Category 5 status before making landfall in Nicaragua, the second hurricane to affect that country in two weeks. With the changing of the seasons in the northern hemisphere, attention will shift to winter weather safety. We’ll touch on that topic with plenty of information for the next several weeks. There are many other good stories to cover, so lets get started.

Graphic courtesy NOAA


The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season will officially end on 30 November 2020. This year will go down in the record books for having many elements of an extraordinary year. Now, across much of the northern hemisphere, attention turns to winter weather hazards. The same preparedness plans and supplies that are helpful for tropical cyclones are beneficial to have for winter weather. NOAA has a very nice Winter Weather Safety website to help you get ready with plenty of helpful tips and information you may need. NOAA also has an excellent publication that covers one of the most underrated weather hazards. (12 page PDF file)

This handy checklist from the American Red Cross will help you put together an emergency kit for a variety of weather scenarios. A kit like this is very helpful in a variety of other difficult scenarios from wildfires to blizzards to tornadoes and hurricanes.

Graphic courtesy American Red Cross

Misinformation and disinformation is running rampant across social media platforms of all kinds as of late. I would be remiss to not remind folks to stick with trusted and reliable sources for your weather information. A NOAA weather radio is essential and should be as common in homes and workplaces as smoke detectors…regardless of where you live in the USA and its territories. Of course, broadcast meteorologists of your choice are often equipped with sources of important information that is specific to your locale. Here’s an excellent and concise video on spotting misinformation you might see online. Bottom line: use discretion very carefully and avoid hypesters, shills, and attention-seekers at all cost…and think before you click.

Graphic courtesy NOAA/NWS

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Tornado Quest Top Ten Science Reads For January 3 – 10, 2020 #science #weather #climate #climatechange #australia #brushfire #scandinavia #windchill

Greetings once again to one and all! I hope your new year is off to a good start. The Australian brushfires that are unprecedented in every way have received a great deal of coverage. In atmospheric science news, our changing climate is front and center as we reach, by some accounts, a point of no return. Also, along with these posts will be the occasional winter weather safety link that I hope you’ll find helpful. On a more personal note, I appreciate the continued best wishes for a speedy recovery during my rehabilitation from prostate cancer surgery. On that note, let’s get started on this week’s reads.

Infographic courtesy NOAA/NWS

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