“@MetOffice confirms highest temperature ever recorded in the UK.” (So far this year 11 countries have recorded their hottest ever temperatures.) @NewScientist #climate #heatwave #uk #europe

The 38.7°C recorded in Cambridge Botanic Garden on 25 July has now been confirmed to be the highest temperature ever recorded in the UK: www.newscientist.com/article/2211744-met-office-confirms-highest-temperature-ever-recorded-in-the-uk/

Bats are commonly seen as well. “In Las Vegas, There Are Swarms Of Grasshoppers Big Enough To Show Up On Weather Radar.” via @NPR

Las Vegas has been invaded by grasshoppers due to unusually wet weather earlier this year. They have shown up in radar footage from the National Weather Service. www.npr.org/2019/07/30/746687183/in-las-vegas-there-are-swarms-of-grasshoppers-big-enough-to-show-up-on-weather-r

In a region where air-conditioning is not always the norm, the powers that be are going to have to scramble…and fast. “As Extreme Heat Becomes New Normal in Europe, Governments Scramble to Respond.” @nytimes #climate #heatwave #europe

Heat records were smashed across much of Europe this week, leaving officials searching for short- and longer-term solutions to help people endure temperatures soaring over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. www.nytimes.com/2019/07/26/world/europe/france-europe-extreme-heat.html

Wildfires in the Arctic. Let that sink in. “The Bizarre, Peaty Science of Arctic Wildfires.” @WIRED #wildfire #arctic #climate #climatechange

Peat is the organic material that gives Scotch its characteristic taste. But it’s also a potent fuel that’s powering unprecedented Arctic wildfires. www.wired.com/story/the-bizarre-peaty-science-of-arctic-wildfires/

People really believe this was done deliberately? 🤡🤪 ”No, Lyme disease is not an escaped military bioweapon, despite what conspiracy theorists say.” @ConversationUS

Scientists know the bacterium that causes Lyme disease has been out in the wild since long before any biological weapons research could have focused on it. And that’s just for starters: theconversation.com/no-lyme-disease-is-not-an-escaped-military-bioweapon-despite-what-conspiracy-theorists-say-120879/