Tornado Quest Top Ten Science Links And Winter Weather Safety Info For January 21 – 28, 2019

Greetings to one and all! Regardless of where you live, I hope the current weather is to your liking. While much of North America is bracing for a blast of Arctic air with dangerous wild chills, our friends in Australia have been dealing with one of the worst heat waves in that country’s history. A quick note on the publishing date of this blog…starting 2 February 2019, the Tornado Quest Top Ten Science Links will be published on Saturday afternoons. As for this week, there’s plenty of other topics to go over, so let’s get started.


With some of the coldest air of this winter on its way for much of the USA, here are some helpful links. It’s never too late to review winter weather safety information. These links will help you get started.

National Weather Service Homepage

Winter Weather Safety and Awareness

Winter Storms: The Deceptive Killers

National Weather Service Wind Chill Chart

National Weather Service Printable PDF Wind Chill Chart

NOAA Weather Radio

Interactive NOAA Weather Radio Coverage Map Basic Disaster Supply Kit Info

Preparing Your Pets For Disasters And Emergencies

That’s a wrap for this post! I’d like to send a warm “Welcome” to my new followers in social media and a “Thank You” for my long-time followers! Thank you so much for all the support and kind words. Your friendship and loyalty is appreciated a great deal! Remember…there’s no such thing as “boring” weather…just different types of good weather!


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