I love dust devils as much as any other weather geek. But, this is hands-down the ugliest vortex I’ve ever seen. “This Coalnado Is About as 2019 as It Gets.” by ⁦‪@blkahn‬⁩ for ⁦‪@EARTH3R‬⁩ #environment #pollution #coal #coalnado

This Coalnado Is About as 2019 as It Gets: earther.gizmodo.com/this-coalnado-is-about-as-2019-as-it-gets-1836849357/amp

Much of this has received little national attention. “This US heartland has been flooded for five months. Does anyone care?.” @Guardian #flooding

About half a million acres of land in the rural Yazoo backwater area in Missisippi is underwater, a devastating blow for a poor region where agriculture is the economy’s lifeblood: www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/aug/03/yazoo-backwater-mississippi-flooding-months