Important climate read. “@IPCC_CH land report showed we’re entering an era of damage control.” @skepticscience #climate #climatechange #IPCC

The IPCC has published a new report on climate and land. The report includes chapters on land-climate interactions (land use changes are accelerating global warming, which is causing more extreme weather), desertification (deserts are expanding), land degradation (declining quality of soil, for example), and food security. The latter is a particularly critical topic, given our dependence on food and water supplies for survival.

“Rain will not extinguish Amazon fires for weeks, weather experts say.” (The rainy season in the #Amazon on average begins in late September & takes weeks to build to widespread rains.” @Reuters #amazonfires

Weak rainfall is unlikely to extinguish a record number of fires raging in Brazil’s Amazon anytime soon, with pockets of precipitation through Sept. 10 expected to bring only isolated relief, according to weather data and two experts.