Tornado Quest Top Ten Science Reads For January 10 – 17, 2020 #science #weather #weatherforecasting #climate #climatechange #australia #brushfire #noaa #nasa #snow

Greetings once again to one and all! There’s plenty of topics to cover this week. The Australian brushfires are still a big story. In the coming months, an analysis of this unprecedented event will take place. In atmospheric science news, our changing climate is front and center as we reach, by some accounts, a point of no return. On a more personal note, I appreciate the continued best wishes for a speedy recovery during my rehabilitation from prostate cancer surgery. On that note, let’s get started on this week’s reads.

Graph credits: NASA GISS/Gavin Schmidt
Snowflake image by photographer Alexey Kljatov via TreeHugger

That’s a wrap for this post! If you’re on Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr, so is Tornado Quest. I’d like to thank so many of you again for all the thoughtful comments I’ve received over the past few weeks. As of this post, I’m still recovering well from surgery. Cancer does not have to be an automatic death sentence and I have no intention of giving up this fight and will accept nothing but absolute and total victory. If you’re a male over the age of 40, you should discuss getting your PSA tested with your doctor. The Prostate Cancer Foundation is only one of many reputable sites with further information.

Cheers…and Good Luck!

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