The Social Media Conundrum: Version 2022…And Beyond

It’s no secret that social media is in quite a tizzy as of late with special attention on Twitter. Depending on the source, you’ll get vacillating views on the future of one of the most popular platforms of this landscape.

You’ll find articles like this one.

Then read another with this viewpoint.

And somewhere else, you’ll find a finger pointing at you.

And then there’s this article which appeared on the morning of 21 November 2022.

A wide spectrum of opinions that are obviously informed, but no clear directions as to what steps to take. It’s not as if we’re dealing with nature or weather forecasting where we, as humans, are at the whims of the laws of physics and the forces of the natural world. In social media, we vote and exert our control with app downloads, posts, new accounts, et al.

As I’ve stated before, I’m taking a wait-and-see stance regarding Twitter. The proclamations of an imminent demise are too histrionic for my taste. In the same regard, overly optimistic views are perhaps giving certain powerful individuals too much credit far too early in this ‘game.’ Neither do I blame the users, but we often become our own worst enemies when the road gets bumpy & our limbic system suddenly overrides our rational cortex. In the meantime, I’ve enjoyed having a blog on Tumblr since 2009 and have thoroughly enjoyed the community there. I highly recommend it! My presence there is strictly apolitical and exists as a diversion from the daily grind. It’s the music that soothes the savage beast. I feel somewhat the same for my Instagram account which I’ve not fully delved into as of late. I post once a week on Facebook, but from listening to the experiences of others, have found it will not meet my needs on a daily basis however, in the weeks to come, I’ll be expanding my involvement in Instagram and Facebook. Links to all of these, including Twitter, can be found at the icons below. I’m far from giving up on Twitter because I feel that WE are the foundation for it’s success and it’s fate is in the hands of the users, not a handful of persons who exist in ivory towers. These are simply my own subjective opinions, but they are what work for me. I hope that all of you out there find your own beneficial solutions in this time of ‘technical Twilight Zone.’ It certainly brings to mind the old saying of ‘may you live in interesting times.’ We certainly do.

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