Tornado Quest Top Ten Science Links For June 22 – 29, 2019

Greetings to one and all. If it’s summer in your location, I hope the heat isn’t getting ridiculous. Much of Europe is in the midst of a lethal heatwave that will likely happen more often and with steady intensity.

  1. If you’re an urban dweller and have a feeling that city life is hotter during the summer than rural locations, you’re not imagining things. The urban heat island effect is a very real weather phenomenon.
  2. Speaking of heat, as of this post, much of continental Europe is broiling in temperatures of 104°F (40°C) or higher! In fact, France had their highest recorded temperature of 114.6F (45.9C) which broke a record that was set during a very deadly 2003 heatwave.
  3. Disaster prevention is a tricky business, especially when it comes to weather events. By some standards, investment that will help reduce damage from floods and winds is money well spent.
  4. Over 70 public health and medical organizations are calling for badly needed action on climate change.
  5. Demand For Electricity To Climb As World Gets Hotter.” Most of the tropics, as well as southern Europe, China, & the US, are likely to experience the highest increases.
  6. An excellent essay by Dr. Marshall Shepherd on why communicating science to the general public is so important and why that communication needs to be carefully crafted to a fine art.
  7. Confusing process with content…& the failure to comprehend or objectively assess scientific data. “Red State Vs. Blue State: Climate Action Splits America.”
  8. Yet another example of the irrevocable connection between air quality and public health. “Exposure to air pollution seems to negatively affect women’s fertility.”
  9. Our planet is often thought of as several separate entities with no connecting links. Nothing could be further from the truth. Whether it is the atmosphere or the deepest part of the oceans, all are linked in an unbreakable bond.
  10. Last but not least, a very thought provoking “must read” with exceptionally unique & profound viewpoints. “Life in space: Stories from 50 astronauts in their own words.

Hurricane Preparedness

The beginning of June brings the official start of the Atlantic hurricane season. For the next few weeks, I’ll share some informative links pertaining to this threat that, like many other weather hazards across North America, occurs annually. Some years are relatively quiet, some not so. The important fact to remember is that it only takes one tropical storm or hurricane to affect the lives of millions. Unlike tornadoes, tropical cyclones can be forecast days in advance which, for those in its path, is fortunate since it gives them plentiful time to prepare and evacuate. These are links pertaining to tropical cyclones (tropical storms & hurricanes) that I hope you’ll find helpful.

This excellent Emergency Kit checklist from the American Red Cross is very helpful in assisting you while you compile items for your kit. A kit like this should be available year round…there are many winter weather scenarios where the same items will come in handy.

Infographic courtesy American Red Cross

Please keep in mind that ONLY your local National Weather Service office, NOAA Weather Radio, or reliable broadcast media are the BEST sources of important, timely, and potentially life-saving weather information, watches, and warnings! None of the links on this page should be used for life-&-death decisions or the protection of property!


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