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Greetings to everyone! The past few days across North America have seen a few episodes of severe weather. Fortunately, there have been no major events or outbreaks. With the arrival of May, we have reached the climatological peak of the tornado/severe weather season across the USA, so there are plenty of chances for many severe weather events. Climate change and reducing emissions has been in the news a great deal as of late. There are several other good science reads to review this week, so let’s get started.


This handy checklist from the American Red Cross will help you put together an emergency kit for a variety of weather scenarios. A kit like this is very helpful in a variety of other difficult scenarios from wildfires to blizzards to tornadoes and hurricanes.

Graphic courtesy American Red Cross

Where you get your weather forecasts, warnings, and other important information is as important as being informed. Discretion is of the upmost importance when you’re trying to stay weather aware. As of late, it’s been brought to my attention that there have been amateur ‘forecasters’ using graphics with the intention of appearing as professional and official sources of information on Twitter, Facebook, et al. They should NOT be taken as official sources of potentially life-saving warnings and weather forecasts and updates.

Infographic courtesy NOAA/NWS

Social media is a very useful tool that can be misused for misinformation, disinformation, and hype. While this infographic is geared towards, winter weather, it certainly applies to ALL types of weather year round.

Infographic courtesy NWS Fort Worth, Texas

That’s a wrap for this post! If you’d like a detailed review of tornado and severe weather safety, please review the previous posts for further details. I’d like to extend a big ‘Thank You’ to my followers in social media. I’m glad you’re along for the fun! If you’re on Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram, let’s connect! As for the COVID-19 pandemic, sport a spiffy mask, practice good hand-washing hygiene, mind your social distancing, stay safe, and stay healthy!

See you next Saturday!

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