Tornado Quest Top Ten Science Links for February 16 – 23, 2019

Greetings everyone! We’ve got a wide selection of topics (#astronomy, #climate, #recycling, and more) to review, so lets’ get started.

  1. Here’s a very helpful privacy read that applies to all of us…even those who are particularly cautious about what online information they share. “How To Limit Which Companies Track Your Internet Activity.”
  2. Good writing in science is an essential talent in communicating information that is often bewildering to the general public. Writing for peer review or research presentations is equally important. Ultimately, you must be able to connect and communicate with people at all levels. Here’s an excellent read on some very good science writing tips.
  3. As of 19 February 2019, you can get the weather conditions on Mars from the NASA’s InSight lander!
  4. Here’s a view of Earth’s moon like no other. It’s made of 50,000 images rolled into one!
  5. Considering this is the 21st century, we can do much better than this. “A Whopping 91% Of Plastic Isn’t Recycled.”
  6. If you think that tornado-like vorticies are something that are exclusive to our planet, think again. Dust devils have proven to be quite common on Mars.
  7. An excellent viewpoint regarding a rational viewpoint on assessing the hazards of climate change. “Why You Shouldn’t Panic.”
  8. Some sound, thought provoking ideas here. “Climate change is not a “national emergency.”
  9. In case you missed it, here’s a look back at January 2019 round the globe. “The globally averaged temperature over land and ocean surfaces for January 2019 tied with 2007 as the third highest for the month of January in the NOAA global temperature record, which dates back to 1880.”
  10. The ramifications of climate change can show up in some unexpected places…like a hot dog restaurant.

Last but not least, the original Tornado Quest blog can be found for your reference convenience at this link.

Winter Weather Safety

Spring is on it’s way, but winter’s going to be around for many more weeks in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s never too late to review winter weather safety information. Here are some helpful winter weather links that will help you stay safe. Next week, look for Severe Weather Safety…it’s that time of year when severe thunderstorms and all the hazards they carry, become more of a threat.

Infographic courtesy NOAA/NWS
Infographic courtesy NWS Fort Worth, Texas

National Weather Service Homepage

Winter Weather Safety and Awareness

Winter Storms: The Deceptive Killers

National Weather Service Wind Chill Chart

National Weather Service Printable PDF Wind Chill Chart

NOAA Weather Radio

Interactive NOAA Weather Radio Coverage Map Basic Disaster Supply Kit Info

Preparing Your Pets For Disasters And Emergencies

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